Lian-lian-kan Festival 2012

Lian-lian-kan Festival 2012 w/ Zulin Wu + 吳晟 + Panai Legacy 即便是長年從事音樂工作的我們,似乎也少有時間,坐下來好好的把一張專輯仔細聽完。但,真的只是因為沒有時間嗎? 2010年,風和日麗以“連連看”為台灣音樂節開啓新頁,首見品牌專屬,單一舞台,讓你無需四處奔忙,只需要輕鬆優雅專注眼前的演出。我們更連結許多創意生活品牌,推薦優質食

Zulin Wu , 吳晟 , Panai

Zulin Wu吳晟Panai
Date & Time
14 Jul 2012 (Sat)
15 Jul 2012 (Sun)
4 Aug 2012 (Sat)
5 Aug 2012 (Sun)
1 Sep 2012 (Sat)
2 Sep 2012 (Sun)
6 Oct 2012 (Sat)
7 Oct 2012 (Sun)
3 Nov 2012 (Sat)
4 Nov 2012 (Sun)

20:00 Doors open, 22:00 Finishes
No.1, Bade Rd., Sec. 1, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan 25.045199,121.529152
$ 700 Presale
$ 800 At Door



2012 年,風和日麗十週年,連連看再次提出全新概念。延續”好好聽音樂,好好過生活“這個主題,深入提出十個生活提案,全都是與大家切身相關卻很容易忽略的事 情,像是:你有多久沒有好好談一場戀愛?你有多久沒有好好出去旅行?你有多久沒有好好和爸媽聊聊天?或者,你有多久沒有離開手機電腦?十個主題,連結十場 精彩音樂會,每場我們都邀請一位(組)台灣極具代表性的音樂人,與風和日麗歌手(樂團)們交流演出,互相演繹對方的創作,也針對每個主題,分享生活裡的點 點滴滴。


Organized by A Good Day records on its 10-year-anniversary. They invite in each concert a representative indie/pop musician to play with their musicians, totally 10 concerts are taking place in Legacy. There are only two concerts each month from July to November, so you don't have to worry about missing anything because of the stage schedule.

Each concert has a subject; the invited musicians and A Good Day musicians will cover each other's music.

8/5 16:00-18:00
Event title你有多久沒有好好看爸媽聊聊天? (How long have you not had a good o chat with your parents?)
Groups: 吳志寧+吳晟+巴奈 (Special guest陳昇)
Poet father and musician son partnering with Panai whose a mother and invited the poet's old neighbor, famous Taiwanese rocker陳昇 as special guest.

The singer and song writer of 929, also the son of 吳晟, a country poet, he learned to play guitar from his mother at the age of 6. He also produced albums for many indie bands.


巴奈 Panai


Panai is a self-taught singer-songwriter of the Puyuma and Amis tribes of southeastern Taiwan. She spent her childhood traveling with her family through the cities and countryside of Taiwan, following available employment, and her music reflects a life of wandering and yearning for home. Panai’s songs forge eclectic influences into a passionate style that has led many to call her the Tracy Chapman of Taiwan.
Panai’s first album “Ni wa-wa” was released in 2000 and received an award as one of the top 10 albums of the year by the China Times. In 2001, the live album “Pau-dull and Panai Live” was released. Panai’s next studio album is currently under production.




Ticket info:
Single ticket
At door: 800
Presale: 700
Available in 7-11 ibon, Family mart, Hi-life and Ok mart's ticket machine "年代售票"
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1+1(2 tickets for the same month)
Only presale: NT 1190
Available in Legacy(06/27 18:00-20:00 、07/18 18:00-20:00)
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Zulin Wu + 吳晟 + Panai
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