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31 Jan 2015 (Sat) +
Genres: Jazz, Blues
Steve’s Pick
Legacy - Taipei
Genres: Experimental Rock, no Wave, Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Industrial, Gothic Rock, art Rock, Post-Rock,
Somebody CAFE - Taipei
Genres: Folk
Sappho Live - Taipei
Genres: Blues, Funk, Swing
Genres: Folk
TCRC - Tainan
Genres: Indie Pop / Post Rock
Bobwundaye - Taipei
Genres: Blues, Funk, Jazz
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: Rock,folk,jam,jazz,dub,post Rock、j Rock、progressive Rock ,shoegaze, Slow-Core, Post-Punk
Witch House - Taipei
Room18 - Taipei
Genres: Edm, Progresive, Electro
1 Feb 2015 (Sun) Today +
Legacy - Taipei
Genres: Rock
Genres: Indie
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: Tribute Rock/show Some Respect Rock
3 Feb 2015 (Tue) +
Genres: Indie
4 Feb 2015 (Wed) +
Bobwundaye - Taipei
Genres: Everything
Sappho Live - Taipei
Genres: Comedy
Genres: Electro Rock/ DnB / House
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: pop Rock , Nu-Metal
5 Feb 2015 (Thu) +
Reused再造_藝文聲響實驗室 (台北市文林北路156號2F, 近明德捷運站)
Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Drone, Indie
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: Garage, Punk, Noise, Rock, Alternative
Sappho Live - Taipei
Genres: Jazz
6 Feb 2015 (Fri) +
Genres: Symphonic Black Metal
FUZZ Art Space
Genres: Rock
Legacy - Taipei
Genres: Folk, Indie, Rock
Genres: Indie
Sappho Live - Taipei
Genres: Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, R&b, Soul
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Drone, Synth Pop, Minimal Synth, Indie
7 Feb 2015 (Sat) +
台北 月見ル君想フ (台北市潮州街102號B1 Sou-ko倉庫, 近捷運古亭站5號出口)
Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Drone, Noise, Psychedelic
Revolver - Taipei
Genres: Funeral Doom Metal, Black Metal, Crust Punk, Goregrind
Sappho Live - Taipei
Genres: Funk, Blues, Rock, Reggae
Wepublic 公家酒吧
Genres: Spanish/taiwanese Pop, Rock
Korner - Taipei
Genres: House Techno Disco Industrial
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