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For over 6 years we’ve been singing the praises of Taiwan’s ever-so-excellent music scene. But dear friends, the time has come for us to finally say goodbye.

From the beginning, our goal was to introduce and share the great music and bands on this beautiful island, not only to those of us lucky enough to live here, but also to those in other countries looking to find out what’s cool in Asia.

We’re incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve with our small team and our crew of contributors. was always a labour of love, something we did in our spare time when we weren’t at work. Over those 6½ years we helped promote over 8700 gigs & festivals, wrote 264 reviews & interviews, shared over 2500 live photos and organised a bunch of really great gigs.

Nobody likes long goodbyes, so let’s end it here with some credits, thank-yous and much love!

The core team was;

A huge thanks to these awesome writers, photographers and translators;

Brad Quinn, Canary Wu, Colin Green, Dave Oh Yeah, Don Quan, Eli Kao, Emily Cheng, Fengson Green, Gina Song, Goat (Li-Yang Lu), HsiaoYa Lin, Immanuel Dannenbring, Jessica Wu, Jeff Curran, Joe Henley, John Stephenson, Jon Du, Jying Chang, Kevin MacKey, Lanmo Chang, Lars Berry, Lee Joseph Wetherall, Merolane Woods, Ming Hung, Nicole Lee, Percy Chen, Phoebe Lu, Pillof Yao, Poni Yeh, Sandy Lee, Sita Spada, Thrissa Skala, Toto Kuo, Travis Lin, Yenwen Fang …

…and finally to the bands, venues and friends that supported us along the way.

So long everyone!!
Keep going to shows! No doubt you’ll see us there.

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