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The Power of Communicating with Nature

Every morning and evening, my mother greets the plants she maintains. “Hello everyone, how are you?” so greeted my mother.

My mother did it so that the plant grew quickly, and it was proven; My mother’s plants gave the best results thanks to the communication my mother built ‘with’ the plants.

What my mother did was nothing new; communicating with nature, one of which manages the energy channeled by plants with our energy, can provide a variety of health benefits.

If you don’t believe me, try sitting under a tree (watch out for caterpillars, anyway, ha ha), then let you ‘water’ the positive energy of the plant, as your way and the tree communicate.

Research proves that our energy field can communicate with anything we touch or make contact with, including blending in with nature. Communicating with nature can activate our nervous system, improve mood, as well as increase sensitivity or intuition.

The following exercises you can try, so you can optimize the health benefits of being friendly with natureā€¦.

  1. Enjoy the outdoors
    In the time of PSBB this may be difficult; but just go out into the field in your home complex can also. Make sure you don’t turn on your phone so you can communicate intensely with your surroundings.

Look for a location so you can be on your own, without interruption. ‘Turn off’ your mind first. Let your intuition lead you to a particular plant. Sit next to it or nearby, and let your body relax.

  1. Breathe in and exhale, then recognize your surroundings
    Carry out breathing exercises for up to three minutes. This is your exercise in communicating with nature while activating your heart.

You will feel the same waves as plants, as well as you and those plants exchanging energy field. You’ll feel a sensation of your own, including being inundated with fresh ideas. It can also treat your heart and mind.

  1. Repeat regularly
    Communicating with nature makes you calmer, more empathetic, and more sensitive to your surroundings. In times when times are changing so fast and situations are volatile, nature will help you in their unique way. So, don’t waste this communication!

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