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5 Things You Should Avoid

According to renowned author Paulo Coelho, life must be lived fully, so that there is no regret.

The five things below you should avoid, so that your life is not filled with regrets.

  1. Harbor feelings
    Honestly, in this life you often hold back and hold what you feel. The reason you can avoid conflict is because of differences of opinion, fear of people’s responses, or more concern for the feelings of others than yourself.

Although not everyone can express their feelings, never harbor feelings. There are times when you have to express what you feel, and once in a while, winning self-interest is unselfish.

  1. Orientation of money only
    Too busy with work so less enjoying life, you are too worried about the future so busy hoarding money.

Hoarding money or a little bit of hooking something on money doesn’t do any harm. However, the money you collect should be used for your needs, others, and charity.

  1. Stay away from family
    Once you have your own family, you start to distance yourself from your parents, extended family, and ignore their presence because you don’t need them anymore.

Believe me, at some point, you will miss them and regret why not spend more time with them.

  1. Avoid challenges
    To what extent do you dare to accept the challenges in life? As simple as trying a new route on your way to the office or instead choosing the usual path to avoid the possibilities?

In life, many things you should try. However, you certainly know which one is not to try at all (drugs, corruption, so actor, he he). Therefore, trying to dye your hair should be a must-try challenge!

  1. Not traveling
    With the reason of not wanting to waste money then there is a foreign feeling towards a new place, you do not want to travel.

Indeed, not everyone likes traveling. But with frequent travel, your mind will be open. If traveling is not a favorite activity, you can offer yourself to travel out of town. That simple, really. …