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Guide to Finding a Trusted Travel Guide

The expertise of a travel guide often plays a big role in determining the success of your trip. So, find a trusted one! But what are the characteristics or signs of a qualified and trusted travel guide? Well, you can listen to the following.

When I went to Singapore some time ago, I talked a lot with a travel guide about the industry he was working in. His name is Wong Siu Huang, we used to call Fern. He’s been working as a travel guide for 18 years. Various traveling agendas and various guest characters have been handled. And as it turns out, being a travel guide in a country like Singapore is not easy. Not everyone can and can, because there must be a license to become a travel guide.

And the license was only issued by the state, after Fern took the course and passed the exam. I thought, no wonder our trip in Singapore could be more organized and tidy. And most importantly, timely and fun! In the end, I asked Fern about how, anyway, is the guide looking for a trusted travel guide? Fern gave some explanations.

1. Check permissions

In Singapore, being a native or having permanent residency is not enough to allow you to become a travel guide. A travel guide in Singapore, whether undergoing it full-time or part-time, requires an operating permit. As I told you earlier, this permit is issued by the government after someone has attended various trainings. The exercises cover languages, communication, and etiquette.

If you pass, someone just gets permission. But not forever. Singapore’s travel guide work permit is only valid for three years, and must be renewed afterwards. So when you want to rent a travel guide service for your trip, surely he has a work permit. At the very least, you reduce the risk of being fooled by a fake guide.

2. See flying hours

Ask your prospective guide about the clients he or she has worked with. What his travel plans are like, what his clients look like, whether he’s ever handled international tourists, and so on. You should be critical up front, rather than sorry later.

In Singapore, Fern said a travel guide should collect flying hours. It’s like a pilot. And that number of working hours will affect whether or not the operating license is extended. So, they can’t just work if they want to.

3. ID card

While accompanying us in Singapore, Fern always wore her ID card. This is good, because in addition to looking professional, the card will make it easier when driving tourists to certain tourist destinations that require bureaucracy. And what makes it more efficient is that every tourist location in Singapore recognizes the card, as it is issued by the state.

4. See the specifications

Travel guides in Singapore cannot handle just about any guest, as each of them takes permission with a particular speciality. Fern, for example, specializes in Indonesian and Chinese tourists. “So, I have to learn Bahasa Indonesia, and understand anything that Indonesians love,” he explained. The specialization also means he is prohibited from taking European or American guests, for example, although a travel guide can still add to their specialization. “We have to learn the language again, then the exam again,” he explained.

It’s like a doctor taking a specialist. From your side as a service user, it can have a positive impact. Because that means, they are the guides who have spent quite a lot of time learning about you.

5. Related insights

My impression of talking to Fern was like talking to a library. He knows things about Singapore, past history, city building, the latest hospitals, the train station (again!) under construction, the best restaurants, and of course, where to buy your hands.

For Fern, updating knowledge about those things is very important and not negotiable. Try to ‘test’ your potential guide before hiring his/her services. From there, imagine if you had to spend all day with him. Check out what your instincts say.

6. Timekeeper

Often, the success or not of a journey depends on the efficiency of time. Handling one tourist is certainly very different from handling a group of tourists. And dealing with a businessman is certainly different from handling a journalist. A skilled travel guide will know what his clients’ travel priorities are. So, in addition to being a timekeeper who ensures everything runs efficiently, in times of emergency he can propose which agendas need to be implemented, and which ones can be missed. Have a good trip!

5 Things You Should Avoid

According to renowned author Paulo Coelho, life must be lived fully, so that there is no regret.

The five things below you should avoid, so that your life is not filled with regrets.

  1. Harbor feelings
    Honestly, in this life you often hold back and hold what you feel. The reason you can avoid conflict is because of differences of opinion, fear of people’s responses, or more concern for the feelings of others than yourself.

Although not everyone can express their feelings, never harbor feelings. There are times when you have to express what you feel, and once in a while, winning self-interest is unselfish.

  1. Orientation of money only
    Too busy with work so less enjoying life, you are too worried about the future so busy hoarding money.

Hoarding money or a little bit of hooking something on money doesn’t do any harm. However, the money you collect should be used for your needs, others, and charity.

  1. Stay away from family
    Once you have your own family, you start to distance yourself from your parents, extended family, and ignore their presence because you don’t need them anymore.

Believe me, at some point, you will miss them and regret why not spend more time with them.

  1. Avoid challenges
    To what extent do you dare to accept the challenges in life? As simple as trying a new route on your way to the office or instead choosing the usual path to avoid the possibilities?

In life, many things you should try. However, you certainly know which one is not to try at all (drugs, corruption, so actor, he he). Therefore, trying to dye your hair should be a must-try challenge!

  1. Not traveling
    With the reason of not wanting to waste money then there is a foreign feeling towards a new place, you do not want to travel.

Indeed, not everyone likes traveling. But with frequent travel, your mind will be open. If traveling is not a favorite activity, you can offer yourself to travel out of town. That simple, really. …

The Power of Communicating with Nature

Every morning and evening, my mother greets the plants she maintains. “Hello everyone, how are you?” so greeted my mother.

My mother did it so that the plant grew quickly, and it was proven; My mother’s plants gave the best results thanks to the communication my mother built ‘with’ the plants.

What my mother did was nothing new; communicating with nature, one of which manages the energy channeled by plants with our energy, can provide a variety of health benefits.

If you don’t believe me, try sitting under a tree (watch out for caterpillars, anyway, ha ha), then let you ‘water’ the positive energy of the plant, as your way and the tree communicate.

Research proves that our energy field can communicate with anything we touch or make contact with, including blending in with nature. Communicating with nature can activate our nervous system, improve mood, as well as increase sensitivity or intuition.

The following exercises you can try, so you can optimize the health benefits of being friendly with nature….

  1. Enjoy the outdoors
    In the time of PSBB this may be difficult; but just go out into the field in your home complex can also. Make sure you don’t turn on your phone so you can communicate intensely with your surroundings.

Look for a location so you can be on your own, without interruption. ‘Turn off’ your mind first. Let your intuition lead you to a particular plant. Sit next to it or nearby, and let your body relax.

  1. Breathe in and exhale, then recognize your surroundings
    Carry out breathing exercises for up to three minutes. This is your exercise in communicating with nature while activating your heart.

You will feel the same waves as plants, as well as you and those plants exchanging energy field. You’ll feel a sensation of your own, including being inundated with fresh ideas. It can also treat your heart and mind.

  1. Repeat regularly
    Communicating with nature makes you calmer, more empathetic, and more sensitive to your surroundings. In times when times are changing so fast and situations are volatile, nature will help you in their unique way. So, don’t waste this communication! says farewell

For over 6 years we’ve been singing the praises of Taiwan’s ever-so-excellent music scene. But dear friends, the time has come for us to finally say goodbye.

From the beginning, our goal was to introduce and share the great music and bands on this beautiful island, not only to those of us lucky enough to live here, but also to those in other countries looking to find out what’s cool in Asia.

We’re incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve with our small team and our crew of contributors. was always a labour of love, something we did in our spare time when we weren’t at work. Over those 6½ years we helped promote over 8700 gigs & festivals, wrote 264 reviews & interviews, shared over 2500 live photos and organised a bunch of really great gigs.

Nobody likes long goodbyes, so let’s end it here with some credits, thank-yous and much love!

The core team was;

A huge thanks to these awesome writers, photographers and translators;

Brad Quinn, Canary Wu, Colin Green, Dave Oh Yeah, Don Quan, Eli Kao, Emily Cheng, Fengson Green, Gina Song, Goat (Li-Yang Lu), HsiaoYa Lin, Immanuel Dannenbring, Jessica Wu, Jeff Curran, Joe Henley, John Stephenson, Jon Du, Jying Chang, Kevin MacKey, Lanmo Chang, Lars Berry, Lee Joseph Wetherall, Merolane Woods, Ming Hung, Nicole Lee, Percy Chen, Phoebe Lu, Pillof Yao, Poni Yeh, Sandy Lee, Sita Spada, Thrissa Skala, Toto Kuo, Travis Lin, Yenwen Fang …

…and finally to the bands, venues and friends that supported us along the way.

So long everyone!!
Keep going to shows! No doubt you’ll see us there.